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Swish your finger through the air three times to form a “Z” and everyone in the world, regardless of age, knows you are referencing Zorro, the heroic Hispanic swordsman who defends the weak and oppressed!

This positive, cross-cultural hero delivers instant worldwide awareness reinforced by his iconic mask, whip, sword and the powerful motto, “Justice for All”.



    • CBS Productions has seven scripts completed for a stylish, modern-day female-led new Zorro television series, from famed filmmakers Rebecca and Robert Rodriguez.
    • Amazon Prime Video launches the 10-episode first season of the Spanish language series produced in Spain and dubbed in English.  A prequel and sequel series are already in the works.
    • FTV French language series for a major streaming service written, produced, and starring Academy Award-winning actor Jean Dujardin to be dubbed in English (has four episodes already written)
    • Disney+ announced a remake of its classic TV series to star Wilmer Valderrama and written by Bryan Cogman (Game of Thrones & Lord of the Rings).


  • Django/Zorro – Sony is developing an event film based on a graphic novel by Quentin Tarantino.
  • THE ADVENTURE BEGINS – A second film at Sony is a ‘Zorro’ origin story written by Richard Wenk (The Equalizer films) detailing Diego de la Vega’s evolution into the hero. This swashbuckling adventure story is a prequel to The Mask of Zorro.
  • Sony Pictures Animation is developing an animated ‘Zorro’ feature film.
  • Live-Action/Animated Hybrid – Sony is also developing a live-action/CGI-animated feature in which Zorro enlists a CGI Fox (voiced by Eugenio Derbez) as his protegé, produced by Doug Belgrad and written by David Birnbaum (Elf).

New Merchandise Launching in 2023

Q1 ’23

  • Aristocrat Technologies — Zorro land-based slot, Zorro: Power of Z in the premium Neptune single cabinet rolled out to casinos.
  • Product Madness — continues to offer ports of the Zorro’s Wild Ride and Zorro Mighty Cash physical slots, in non-wager, free-play game to mobile devices and online in its popular Hearts of Vegas and Cashman Casino
  • Goliath Coins — releases its first Zorro collectible coin (2.75” x .5mm) with display stand in three antique metal colors that can be painted/customized by the end-user.
  • Funko Pop! — Vinyl Zorro® Figures are available in stores.
  • Mystery Escape Room — continues to offer its popular The Sword of Zorro escape room in Salt Lake City, UT and Tucson, AZ.

Q2 ’23

  • Product Madness — introduces a new Zorro non-wager, free-play game Zorro La Fortuna in the Big Fish Casino and Jackpot Magic slot apps and online.
  • Hot Topic — refreshes its Zorro® Print on Demand apparel & mask collection.
  • Boss Fight Studio — ships 4 figures from The Mask of Zorro and Zorro The Gay Blade in its 2nd wave.
  • Fun.com — releases new Zorro Halloween costumes, just in time for Halloween.
  • Don McGregor and American Mythology — conclude their four-issue miniseries, Zorro: Flights!
  • Amazing Art Expo — adds Zorro to its traveling art show featuring different talented artists that will bring Zorro fan art to a fine art level.
  • Artist/Writer Sean Murphy (Batman) — teases on social media glimpses of his modern-day Q1-24 Zorro comic book miniseries.

Q3 ’23

  • Gallant Knight — will release two expansion modules for its Zorro Role Playing Game, Zorro: The Lost Ship of the Desert (Classic) and Zorro: Myths of America (Supernatural)

Q4 ’23

  • Artist/Writer Sean Murphy (Batman)begins promoting his modern-day Q1-24 Zorro comic book miniseries.

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