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Swish your finger through the air three times to form a “Z” and everyone in the world, regardless of age, knows you are referencing Zorro, the heroic Hispanic swordsman who defends the weak and oppressed!

This positive, cross-cultural hero delivers instant worldwide awareness reinforced by his iconic mask, whip, sword and the powerful motto, “Justice for All”.



    • Disney+ announced that it will stream a new television series, starring Wilmer Valderrama in a remake of the 1950’s classic Disney series.
    • The CW has a six-script order for a stylish, modern-day female-led new Zorro television series, from famed filmmakers Rebecca and Robert Rodriguez.
    • Two major streamers (to be announced) have new Zorro series in the works:  A Spanish language series, produced in Spain, dubbed for the U.S.; and Academy Award Winning actor Jean Dujardin will star, write and produce a new French series that will be dubbed into English.
    • Sony is actively developing a new animated Zorro television series for a major U.S. streaming service.


Django/Zorro is an event film Sony is developing at Columbia Pictures with cast and crew to be announced. The film is based on the Django/Zorro comic books written by Quentin Tarantino. The screenplay will be produced by Quentin Tarantino.

THE ADVENTURE BEGINS – also at Sony, is a second film based on a ‘Zorro’ origin story detailing Diego de la Vega’s evolution into the hero. This swashbuckling adventure story is a prequel to The Mask of Zorro.

New Merchandise Launching in 2022

Q1 ’22

  • The 2022 season marks the fourth year of Noches de Ópera, Fort Worth Opera’s celebration of Spanish-language operas and Latino(a) culture, heritage, and artistry and premieres Héctor Armienta’s masked avenger opera, Zorro.

Q2 ’22

  • Hot Topic refreshed its Zorro® Print on Demand apparel & mask collection.
  • RRParks Cards shipped Zorro® Series II Trading Cards to key fans February ’22 in anticipation of the retail release in June.
  • American Mythology continues to publish both new and reprint Zorro comic series, reprinting the New World Zorro comics originally published by Marvel, now at Issue #4, in addition to reprinting classic Zorro comics from the Dell era.
  • Don McGregor concludes his four-issue Miniseries, Zorro: Flights! Mystery Escape Room continues physical expansion.
  • Product Madness continues to offer a port of the Wild Ride and Mighty Cash physical slots, in non-wager, free-play game to mobile devices and online in its popular Hearts of Vegas and Cashman Casino apps.
  • Pull The Pin Games continues to offer its brick-and-mortar Zorro® Card Game along with its two expansion modules along with a free-to-play online gaming experience for MAC and PC platforms and download on Steam, App Store and Google Play.
  • Nacon’s videogame ‘Zorro: The Chronicles’ will be released physically and digitally on Nintendo Switch this June as well as on multiple gaming systems including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, the Epic Games Store, PC (via Steam), Mac and Stadia.

Q3 ’22

  • Funko Pop! Vinyl Zorro® Figures available in stores July ’22.
  • Fun.com releases new Zorro Halloween costumes, just in time for Halloween.

Q4 ’22

  • Aristocrat Technologies — The latest Zorro land-based slot, Zorro: Power of Z, will be introduced on the premium Neptune cabinet at the G2E Global Gaming Expo in October.
  • Boss Fight Studio’s 2nd wave of 4 collectibles available for pre-orders Q4 ’22
  • Gallant Knight is releasing two expansion modules for its Zorro Role Playing Game, Zorro: The Lost Ship of the Desert (Classic) and Zorro: Myths of America (Supernatural)
  • STGDesignz will release decks of Zorro Playing Cards with each card containing original mirrored character art based on film & TV iterations of Zorro

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