From Mulitversity Comics
By Matthew Ledger

This August, Zorro will return to comics to fight against not just injustice, but also creatures the like of which he’s never seen. American Mythology’s new series, “Zorro: Swords of Hell,” will pit Don Diego de la Vega against demons, vampires, and other forms of supernatural evil, kicking off the publisher’s new “Western Horror” line.

Specifically, “Swords of Hell” will focus on Zorro’s battle against a sect of demonic horsemen who are attempting to transform Alta California into Hell on Earth. The miniseries promises to force the outmatched Zorro into his best Van Helsing impression, as the pulp hero uses his wits, his swords, and whatever else he can find to stop the horsemen’s dark ritual.

Series writer David Avallone (“Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire,” “The Twilight Zone: The Shadow”) says the book’s supernatural bent will provide Zorro with a fresh challenge, something that’s no mean feat when working with a character who’s fast approaching 100 years old.

“I was thrilled when American Mythology asked me to write such an iconic pulp hero; the guy who showed the Shadow and Batman how it’s done,” said Avallone. “And as a long-time resident of Los Angeles, it’s a kick to visit my beloved city 200 years ago, and play off what it was then and what it was fated to become.”

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