In 2020, Moulin Rouge® celebrates 131 years of festive experiences, elegance and enchantment!

Since 1889, Moulin Rouge is the one French venue where spectacular Parisian celebrations are experienced and shared with passion and effervescence.
The birthplace of the French CanCan, Moulin Rouge ranks #1 among the world’s dinner-and-show venues, with a multi-million fan base – with its highest awareness in North America.
The iconic red windmill of the Moulin Rouge never goes dark and stands as a beacon for all things Parisian and is synonymous with France’s cultural heritage & history – with a hint of sensuality and timeless femininity.

We seek product partnerships that reflect the fabulous, festive, eccentric and spectacular atmosphere of the Moulin Rouge. Opportunities exist for: Apparel, Formalwear, Jewelry, Purses and Luggage, Interactive, Gaming, Publishing including Cookbooks, Homewares, Home Décor, Stationery and Party Goods, Fragrance, Beauty & Cosmetics, Hair & Nail Care, Soaps, Lotions, Candles, Gifts and Collectibles, Consumables, Themed Events and Promotions.

  • Moulin Rouge products and experiences are steeped in Parisian glamour, elegance and energy. They embody the spirit of partying and celebrating imprinted with fun and joy.
  • Product is aspirational, always high-end, but attainable. Whether capturing the extravagance of the Moulin Rouge during the Roaring Twenties, or utilizing the more contemporary designs, Licensees have a choice of wonderful assets including original program covers and costume sketches from the many brilliant Moulin Rouge designers.
  • Licensees may also gain access to iconic poster art from famous artists including but not limited to Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Jules Cheret, Charles Gesmar, Okley and many others.
  • A partnership with the Moulin Rouge provides the opportunity for incredible collaborations, photo shoots, fashion show venues and more.

After a successful preview run in Boston, Moulin Rouge! The Musical from Baz Luhrmann, featuring music from his film with book from John Logan, moved to Broadway’s Al Hirschfeld Theatre and is already breaking records – a huge success and a must see performance. The production is scheduled to tour in major US cities thereafter. This awareness will be a huge catalyst for new Moulin Rouge classic licensed merchandise.

Enter a world of splendor and romance, of eye-popping excess, of glitz, grandeur and glory!  Baz Luhrmann’s revolutionary film comes to life onstage, remixed in a new musical mash-up extravaganza. It’s a theatrical celebration of truth, beauty, freedom and — above all — love.


A worldwide brand recognition
Moulin Rouge ranks #1 among the world’s dinner-and-show venues, with a multi-million fan base and the highest awareness in particular in North America

The ambassador of the French way of life
1 international exhibition tour is organized every year during a major happening
(New York’s Best of France event in the US, Rio’s Carnival in Brazil, Melbourne Cup in Australia, etc.),
in addition to at least 10 audition session in France and abroad which aim at
finding the best male and female dancers to perform notably the athletic and authentic French Cancan.

Over 240,000 bottles are drained each year, making the Moulin Rouge the largest consumer of Champagne in Europe

A profusion of feathers, glitters and sequins
1,000+ costumes and headdresses, not only gorgeous to look at but also designed for quick and easy changes, are worn every night on stage

A set of well-kept know-hows of exception
800+ pairs of shoes, custom-made for comfort and durability within Moulin Rouge’s workshop Maison Clairvoy, are featured at each show

An endless source of inspiration
Moulin Rouge has been the main theme of 10 feature films since 1928, including Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 acclaimed musical movie, in addition to documentaries, books, paintings and many more works of art

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