Tarzan continues to captivate audiences over a century since first created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

50 Major motion pictures

7 Television series

100’s of stage productions

1000’s of publications

With a library approaching two million images, Licensees can draw from art assets including over 2,000 movie posters, fine art, 10,000+ comic books, 23,500 daily & 3,700 Sunday comic strips.
The live-action feature film, The Legend of Tarzan (Warner Bros.), grossed $356M worldwide. The film is now available on TNT & TBS.

Exceptional products continue to enhance the brand’s appeal:

  • Boss Fight Studios 4″ collectible figures and accessories.
  • Hot Topic POD apparel collection
  • Dark Horse and Dynamite are publishing new comic books and reprinting classics.
  • ERB, Inc. continues to expand the universe by publishing new novels, the Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library of reprints and online comic strips.
  • Aristocrat rolls out two new land-based Tarzan slot machines, Tarzan City of Gold™ and Tarzan Palace of Diamonds™ in Q2 ’23.
  • Product Madness continues to port to new non-wager, free-play games for mobile devices on its Cashman Casino and Hearts of Vegas mobile apps, Facebook and Amazon.
  • Microgaming continues to offer Tarzan Real Money Gaming slots.
  • 5FINITY launches in Q2 ’23 one of a kind The Women of Edgar Rice Burroughs original Sketch Cards and pin-up non-sequential comic books containing original art of Dejah Thoris®, Jane Porter® and The Moon Maid™.
  • Goliath Coins offers its Tarzan collectible coins (2.75” x .5mm) with display stand in three antique metal colors that can be painted/customized by the end-user.
  • Fun Train continues to offer a virtual reality video game, released in chapters for VR PC and console platforms including Oculus Quest, Playstation VR and Steam.
  • Fun.com introduces new Tarzan and Jane costumes for Halloween ’23.

Comic Books

Dark Horse and Dynamite (new + reprint)

IDW Publishing (reprint)

Comic Strips

ERB Inc. continues to publish new comic strips based on the novels of ERB for its subscription service.

Audio Books

Oasis Audio, a leading independent audiobook publisher, licensed more than 80 novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, making available the entire library of authorized Edgar Rice Burroughs novels available on audio for the first time.


Altus Books published a John Carter/Tarzan crossover with Tarzan, Conqueror of Mars by Will Murray.

• ERB Inc. continues to publish new novels based on the novels of ERB, introducing Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds by authors Matt Betts and Christopher Paul Carey as well as A Princess of Mars: The Deluxe Manuscript Edition – the fifth title in the ERB Limited Edition Collection (Limited to 500). The ERB Authorized Library launched the first 12 brand-new hardcover editions of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ original Tarzan novels with more volumes to follow.

Sampling of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Partners:


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