Sean Murphy has licensed the rights to Zorro to publish his own comic book, Zorro: Man Of The Dead, from his own imprint, later this year.

Published by Rich Johnston,

Sean Murphy has talked about his love for Zorro and wanting to write and draw a Zorro comic book for some time. The rights have been licensed from the likes of Topps and Dynamite Entertainment over the years, but it seems that Sean Murphy had decided to do that bit himself as well. Sean Murphy posted to Instagram, saying ” I’m starting concept art for my next book, temporarily called “Zorro: Man of the Dead” I licensed the rights myself, so it’ll be publishing under my own new label. More details to follow!” As well as plenty of that concept art, including surprising vehicles, suggesting this may be set in the modern day.

J Scott Campbell replied saying “Nice!! I know this has been something you wanted to do for a while. Glad to see it happening” Nick Derington added “Glorious. Tornado. What a mighty steed. Can’t wait.” We await news of Sean Murphy’s imprint, as well as whatever is to be announced in next week’s Batman: Beyond The White Knight #8…

Sean Murphy, also known as Sean Gordon Murphy is known for his work on comics such as Joe The Barbarian with Grant MorrisonChrononauts with Mark MillarAmerican Vampire, Batman and The Wake with Scott SnyderTokyo Ghost with Rick RemenderBatman/Scarecrow: Year One with Bruce Jones, Outer Orbit with Zach Howard and his own DC/Vertigo creator owned series Punk Rock Jesus andOff Road at Oni Press. But in recent years, he is best known as the creator of the Murphyverse at DC Comics, writing and drawing Batman: White Knight and writing its sequels Curse of the White Knight and Beyond the White Knight.

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