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Top 10 Historical Destination – 100 Years of Mystery

Winchester Mystery House is the beautiful but bizarre mansion built by Sarah Pardee Winchester, heiress of the Winchester Repeating Arms fortune.  Haunted by the guilt of those lost to the Winchester Rifle, Sarah built the dizzying Victorian-style structure with many odd and mysterious features. Doors that open to walls, stairways that lead to the ceiling, and many more oddities in the massive 160-room mansion in San Jose, CA. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Winchester Mystery House began construction in 1884, and didn’t stop for 38 years until Sarah’s death in 1922.

Key Brand Attributes:

◆ A most curious Victorian architectural marvel

◆ 100 years of secrets and speculation

◆ Continuous paranormal activity

Target audience:

◆ Adults 18-54

◆ Paranormal Enthusiasts

◆ Architecture & History Buffs

Licensing Rights

Available for the First Time:

Games of all kinds, including VR/AR/XR, Hidden Objects, Strategy Games, Board Games, Online and Physical Slots; Escape Rooms and other Location-based Entertainment; Publishing; Puzzles; Home Décor & Collectibles; and Gourmet Foods & Beverages

NEW 360° 3D Model of the entire house available for licensee reference.


◆ American Horror Story

◆ Ghost Adventures

◆ Mythbusters

◆ Ghost Brothers

◆ Paranormal Caught on Camera

◆ Beyond Bizarre

◆ America’s Haunted Houses

◆ The UnXplained

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