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Boss Fight Studios has launched pre-orders for their newest Hero H.A.C.K.S figure; Zorro. This masked hero is back and ready to bring villains to their knees with this unique 1/18th scale figure. Boss Fight is offering fans two different figures packs, the first one is a solo Zorro figure that is packed with accessories. He will be getting two head sculpts on being masked and another unmasked showing off Don Diego la Vega. He will also be getting his hat, cape, swappable hands, bullwhip, and his rapier. Fans who want a little more Zorro action can get the figure and steed pack that features his trusty horse Tornado. Tornado is fully posable and will feature a removable saddle. Both figures will also have display stands to show off these heroes in action. Pre-orders are already live for both bundles which collectors can find below. Zorro by himself is priced at $25.99 while the Tornado pack comes in at $52.99. Show off you love you Zorro and the Hero H.A.C.K.S figure line with this dynamic duo.