Tarzan, Jane and their beloved animal friends are featured as part of a new brand marketed as Tarzanimals™.

Tarzanimals™ is infused with many of the iconic, recognizable images of Tarzan and Jane™ rendered for the first time as sweet and accessible.

Tarzanimals™ is gender neutral – appealing to boys & girls alike. Jungle & animal prints are always fashionable and on-trend for all age-demos.

Embodying a positive message that “good always triumphs,” and unique brand identifiers, Tarzanimals™ has a distinct pattern template of jungle, animal and nature themes with designs that are cute, cuddly, and timeless.


Riley Blake is the first to introduce Tarzanimals™ on beautiful fine cotton fabrics and fabric kits, including soft books, targeted to the Millennial DIY demographic. Showcased to the trade in May and shipping in November, Riley Blake is the first of many planned licenses that will include: plush, toys, entertainment, publishing and promotions along with consumer packaged goods as well as bedding, bath, home decor, gift, apparel and accessories.

Trademarks TARZAN®, TARZANIMALS™, JANE™, TARZAN AND JANE™ and the Doodad symbol are Owned by EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS, INC. And Used by Permission.

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