For over a century, young and old alike around the world have been infatuated with Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle®.  Among the most-filmed characters of all-time, Tarzan® provides instant recognition with distinctive jungle animal and nature themes, synonymous with environmental responsibility.

Tarzan, Jane and their beloved animal friends are featured in a new brand ideal for infant & toddler and preschool designs.  Tarzanimals™ is infused with many of the iconic, identifiable characters from Tarzan and Jane® delivered in a sweet and accessible style.

By adding Tarzan brand elements to best-selling animal designs, Tarzanimals™ offers a fresh, but instantly familiar, entry into the baby/toddler/preschool categories.

   Tarzanimals is gender neutral – appealing to boys & girls alike.

   Jungle & animal prints are always fashionable and on-trend for all age-demos.

   Tarzanimals product delivers a positive message that “good always triumphs.”

   Unique brand identifiers tie back to iconic imagery Edgar Rice Burroughs created over 100 years ago.

Tarzanimals™ Partners:

Riley Blake Designs Fine Cotton Fabrics and Fabric Kits

Wisdom Editions’ Pick-A-Tale Brand Learn-to-Read app

Soxnet’s Teehee Socks offer Storybook Sock and Sock Sets


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