Scott Cherrin is a non-practicing attorney who brings his knowledge of business and legal affairs, copyright law and motion picture/television experience to merchandise licensing. A graduate of The University of Michigan and Michigan State University College of Law, Cherrin began his entertainment career working for the Endeavor Talent Agency. He worked with Levine at Classic Media.

Scott set up Edgar Rice Burroughs’ TARZAN at Warner Brothers Pictures for a live-action feature film. In addition, he also set-up the animated web series THE ADVENTURES OF VENUS KINCAID at Fox 2000 Pictures (20th Century Fox) as a live-action feature.

In television, Cherrin developed a Hawaiian detective series, DIAMOND HEAD, with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Warner Bros. Television for the CBS Television Network based on the series of best-selling novels by Charles Knief that was set to star Scott Glenn. He also developed a reality television series with Reveille through NBC/Universal Television, ALISTAIR MACLEAN’S novel CIRCUS at Fox TV Pictures and a remake of BREWSTER’S MILLIONS at ABC Family Channel.

From ‘04-’07, and again in ’10-’11, Cherrin was a business development consultant to Classic Media and for the principals’ Boomerang Media. Cherrin aided in the acquisition of classic characters.