Scott Cherrin is a non-practicing attorney who brings his knowledge of business and legal affairs, copyright law and motion picture/television experience to merchandise licensing. A graduate of The University of Michigan and Michigan State University College of Law, Cherrin began his entertainment career working for Endeavor (now William Morris-Endeavor Entertainment). He worked with Leslie at Classic Media.

Scott brought Edgar Rice Burroughs’ TARZAN to Warner Brothers Pictures and served as co-producer of the 2016 live-action feature film. He also was instrumental in bringing to the screen THE SIX BILLION DOLLAR MAN (2019), a remake of the 1970’s classic TV series, to star Mark Wahlberg at Warner Bros. Pictures. In addition, he also set-up the animated web series THE ADVENTURES OF VENUS KINCAID at Fox 2000 Pictures (20th Century Fox) as a live-action feature.

In television, Scott developed a Hawaiian detective series, DIAMOND HEAD, with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Warner Bros. Television for the CBS Television Network based on the series of best-selling novels by Charles Knief that was set to star Scott Glenn. He also developed a reality television series with Reveille through NBC/Universal Television, ALISTAIR MACLEAN’S novel CIRCUS at Fox TV Pictures and a remake of BREWSTER’S MILLIONS at ABC Family Chanel.

Scott has been a legal and business development consultant for Classic Media, Boomerang Media, Dreamworks Animation. Scott aided in the due-diligence, acquisition and protection of classic characters.