The Adorably Cheerful And Charming Character Brand Whose Very Name Is Synonymous With Cute!

Rose O’Neill created the Kewpie character that appeared in her illustrated stories published by Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, Delineator, and Woman’s Home Companion from 1909-1928. Kewpie was “a good-will ambassador” spreading love, laughter, and philanthropy. O’Neill’s Kewpie comics appeared as a full page in Sunday newspapers across the United States from 1917-1930’s. These cartoons dealt with the subjects of suffrage, war bonds, supporting soldiers and discrimination.


The uniquely adorable Kewpies continue to endear themselves to each new generation.


Hot Topic offers official Kewpie apparel.

Just Peachy joins Kewpie licensing introducing new apparel, headwear and accessories.

Riley Blake delivers an incredible new, on-trend “Sew Kewpie” program featuring sewing, gardening and cooking imagery.

An Official Kewpie Character Store launches late Q3/early Q4, offering officially licensed merchandise.

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