Say ‘Welcome Back’ To Kewpie – The Adorably Cheerful And Charming Character Brand Whose Very Name Is Synonymous With Cute!

Created more than a century ago by artist and writer, Rose O’Neill, Kewpie was one of the world’s first global licensing sensations.

Originally launched as a comic published in 1909 in Ladies’ Home Journal, O’Neill’s Kewpie illustrations and stories featured these “little cupids” doing good deeds in funny and unexpected ways.

O’Neill’s tiny-winged, wide-eyed, round-bellied Kewpies – with their distinctive facial expressions and their message encouraging merriment, love and kindness – were an instant hit with both kids and adults.

As the Kewpie brand grew in popularity, O’Neill created a line of paper dolls, which were soon joined by porcelain dolls and an array of other Kewpie licensed products such as dishware, baby rattles, publishing and stationery. The cheerful, cherubic characters also starred in a wide range of advertising and promotions for everything from Jell-O, Colgate and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes to posters advocating Women’s Suffrage.

Throughout the twentieth century the uniquely adorable Kewpies continued to endear themselves to each new generation.

Now, the new owners of the Kewpie brand – the Kewpie Corporation – have committed to revitalizing Kewpie. Working with Licensing Works! the brand owners have painstakingly restored and maintained the original works of Rose O’Neill, while updating elements to broaden the brand’s appeal for today’s consumers.

Kewpie Corporation and Licensing Works! have created the first official Kewpie style guide which delivers the playfulness and charm of the original Kewpie world in a fresh, fun way. The guide is designed to inspire new and existing licensees and support the successful launch of Kewpie products in a variety of expanded categories, including apparel, gift, accessories, toy and stationery.

Kewpie: Because love, laughter, and kindness never go out of style.

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