Downtown Los Angeles’ Corey Helford Gallery (CHG) is proud to announce their partnership with Le Petit Prince® for a special group exhibition to commemorate 75 years of one of the most beloved and influential novels of all time, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. Opening August 14th in the Main GalleryLooking with the Heart: The Little Prince 75th anniversary group show will feature new works from 65 artists from around the globe, celebrating the theme “Looking with the Heart.” Full artist roster below.

Robert Palacios_Little Lights in the Sky_Acrylic on panel_16_ x 10_
Robert Palacios_Little Lights in the Sky_Acrylic on panel_16_ x 10_

In The Little Prince(French: Le Petit Prince) we follow a mysterious little prince as he departs from his asteroid (“B-612”) and travels from one neighboring planet to another searching for connection and meaning after feeling used and taken for granted by his beautiful but demanding rose. At one point in the story, The Little Prince learns that truly seeing is not a physical activity with your eyes, but a matter of the heart: “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” In addition to other central themes, such as love, loss, and responsibility, The Little Prince is a story about escaping the trappings of perception to see truth, encouraging individuals to explore their potential, and never forgetting what was learned as a child.

Camilla d'Errico_Fragile Treasure_Water soluble oils on wood_8_ x 10_
Camilla d’Errico_Fragile Treasure_Water soluble oils on wood_8_ x 10_

Saint-Exupéry, a pioneering aviator, best-selling writer and humanist, wrote The Little Prince in 1943. First published in New York, the book was published three years later in France in 1946. Timeless in its imagery and message, the book continues to resonate with readers of all ages through its themes of respect for humanity, friendship, authenticity, and charity. To date, the book has sold over 200 million copies and has reached more than 400 million readers around the world with over 300 translations, making it one of the world’s most translated books (second only to the Bible which has over 400 translations). A true cultural phenomenon, three quarters of a century later, millions of fans are experiencing The Little Prince in ways the author could have only imagined, with visits to the theme park in France, the museum in Japan, the flagship store in Paris.

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