From Total Licensing – Summer 2017

International Emmy award-nominated Molang is the story of a gentle rabbit and a scatterbrained chick who enjoy a unique friendship and share humorous and fun adventures. The property was created in 2010 via the personal blog of Korean designer Hye -Ji Yoon. It rapidly achieved popularity through a series of instant messaging apps. More than 160,000 Molang emoticons are downloaded each month in Korea with an astonishing 300,000 down­loaded each month in China In 20 I 3, Millimages signed to handle Molang and to translate the property into an animated series. To date, two seasons have been launched. In total, this brings the episodes to 104 x 3.30 minutes, all with the key target markets of preschoolers and, interestingly the ‘cult’ teenage demographic. Season 3 is in production to be deliver early 2018.

In terms of international distribution, Molang and friends speak a universal language, which is understood by all and, as a result, requires no dubbing or subtitling.The series became a huge success and was sold by Millimages onto both pay and free TV in over 200 countries around the world with major broadcasters including Disney Junior, Aljazeera, Cartoonito, EBS and BBC Kids.

The ratings have been excellent since the initial airings began in 2015. On Cartoonito in the UK, Molang is cur­rent in Cartoonito’s top five shows for all kids aged four to nine since it began airing in May 2016. In terms of Disney Channel and Disney Junior, the show began airing in February 2016. In each quarter of 2017, 46% of children aged two to five had seen at least one epi­sode of Molang.

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