Nina and Other Little Things® is the creation of Eloise Morandi Nash. Together with DIC2, a top licensing agency in Italy, the NINA brand has expanded throughout Europe into hundreds of charming and stylish products, each with a unique tone and identity. A 2018 Licensing Award Nominee for “Best Brand Worldwide in Art/Design Licensed Products”, this little ambassador of international poetic design, and her red dress and hat are coming at last to the United States. Product categories that have already been successfully tested and launched throughout Europe will be the first we license here in the U.S., including but not limited to: publishing, stationery, home goods, apparel, accessories and gift.


Nina is a little «pupetta»
wearing a red dress and a hat
She’s a delicate thought and
moves around with ironic grace
She explores the inside &
the outside, the YOU and ME
She silently observes and
thinks about little things
Nina is the sweet positivity
of the eyes looking at her,
…and not everybody can.

© 2020 NINA AND OTHER LITTLE THINGS ® is a registered trademark of Nina, What About.

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