Classic Intellivision Video Games = Nostalgia + Fun!

‘80s trends are dominating today’s pop culture, from fashion to home décor; from movies to television; from toys to candy.  And the popularity of classic era video games is growing, even beyond its original audiences.

Intellivision was one of two major brands that birthed the home video game console industry and gaming craze of the 1980s. Millions of fans who first picked up an Intellivision handcontroller as kids have recently rediscovered the fun of these simple, exciting, and family-friendly games.

The gameplay, icons, graphics and sounds evoke powerful nostalgia, an emotional connection, and happy memories. And with the resurgence of all things ’80s, retro video games are enjoying a revival and renewed appeal with all audiences.

• Introduced by toy giant, Mattel, in 1980
• Launched a $2B rivalry: Intellivision® vs. Atari®
• Superior graphics, sound and gameplay; memorable logotype, fonts, and iconic design
• Included the first 16-bit microprocessor in any home video game console
• Extensive library of over 100 games—the widest variety of any home system
• Intellivoice ™ introduced the first “talking” home video games (B-17 Bomber, Space Spartans, and Bomb Squad)

• This new form of “Intelligent Television” was the precursor to today’s “SmartTV”
• Best-selling games including Astrosmash, Space Armada, Shark! Shark! Utopia, Baseball, and a dozen other award-winning sports titles
• Treasure trove of assets: game icons, screenshots, box art, poster art, overlay art—all available for licensing

2018 will mark the 40th anniversary of the original engineering of the Intellivision.  Intellivision is available for licensing in categories including apparel and accessories, slot machines and gaming, lottery scratchers, product placement and promotional opportunities.

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