Say “Hello” to Ho-Ho, The Little Laughing Buddha created 75 years ago by the exceptionally talented Rose O’Neill – the author and illustrator who created Kewpie®.  With his face alive with laughter, this cheerful little Buddha is imbued with O’Neill’s unique message of timeless optimism.

O’Neill’s merry messenger is here to bring some much needed Love, Laughter and Luck to the world around him.


Some Great Ways To Bring Ho-Ho Into Daily Life

Set a Ho-Ho figurine on your desk or carry him on a keychain – and his silent laughter will remind you not to take life so seriously.
Rub his belly for good luck – and know that good things are just around the corner.
Light a Ho-Ho meditation candle to fill your thoughts with positive energy and love.
Add inspiration stones to your garden path to encourage peace and tranquility.
Give Ho-Ho friendship bracelets and good-luck charms to your friends to let them know that you’ll always be there for them.

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