Welcome to Robot Farm!

In the Future, Almost Everything is Robots!

Robot Farm and Friends™ is a delightful new preschool world created by Australian animator and musician, David Knight.  Working together with Grahame Allan, a well-respected Australian merchandise licensing agent, Robot Farm and Friends™ has been developed featuring original music, with each episode delving into the everyday world of a real working farm populated by Robots.  There isn’t a human to be found on Robot Farm.

Rappy Rooster, a slick banjo playing bird narrates and sings in every episode and serves as the moral compass for the series.

Team work and caring for one another is a central theme.  Whenever something goes wrong on Robot Farm, the robots work together to fix it. Beautifully illustrated in a fresh, crisp stylized format, Robot Farm offers a simple but intriguing world that will fascinate preschoolers.

Our other main characters include Robot Rob and Robot Rose, and their two children, Rusty    and Dusty, the family made of steel, animals made from cogs and springs, buttons, bolts and wheels.

These highly technological, mechanical farm animals include chickens that go “Click”, pigs that go “Ping”, cows that go “Crunch” and Ducks that go “Doink”.

Developed first for publishing, animation and toys, with other categories soon to follow, Robot Farm and Friends™ will be making their way to the small screen, toy and book stores in late 2017.

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