About us

Licensing Works!® is a licensing and promotions company representing creators of original IP.

We represent some of the world’s most well-known brands including:  ABC’s popular Castle television series,  Elmer’s® and X-Acto® brands from Elmer’s Products, Inc., Hearts for Hearts Girls® from Playmates Toys, Blue Planet Software’s Tetris® Brand, Zorro® from Zorro Productions, Inc., Tarzan® from Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Buck Rogers in the 25th Century® from The Dille Family Trust, MEG Toys’ Puppy In My Pocket® franchise, Playtime Buddies™ from Visual Picnic, Inc., Kewpie® from Kewpie Corporation, Inc. and Moulin Rouge® from Moulin Rouge S.A. Zou from Cyber Group Studios.

Licensing Works! Management Overview
For more information, contact:
Leslie Levine, Owner and Founder